Thursday, March 03, 2005

Younger generations are very, very hungry to engage, says Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji, the author of The Trouble With Islam Today, chats on Israel's Channel One...

Interviewer: “You’re a non-Arab. You’re a lesbian. You love Jews. You come to lecture in Israel. Your website is called muslim-refusenik. How do you expect to influence Muslims like that?”

Irshad Manji: “First of all, I AM a Jew-lover. I’ll be very blunt — I love Jews. I also love Christians. I love atheists. My point in saying that, Orin, is that I’m not running away from any of these accusations, ok? When people realize that you’re not running away, then they have only two choices. They can walk away or they can engage. And what I am finding is that younger generations are very, very hungry to engage.”

Read the full interview here. Also check Thomas Friedman's article on her.


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