Friday, October 21, 2005

Paris bar gets notice from Mumbai lawyer!

From Hindustan Times/PTI

Objecting to showing Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha in their revue "Bonheur", a lawyer from Mumbai has served notice to the world's most celebrated cabaret, Lido, asking them to remove the scene that hurts the religious feelings of Hindus.

Lawyer Sudhir Shah said that he had watched the revue of Lido on September 27 at Champs Elysees in Paris in France and his religious sentiments were deeply hurt.

"I have served a notice to the Lido asking them to remove the scene from the revue," he said.

He said that the theme of "Bonheur" is a woman's quest for happiness and to show the same in the said revue, Lido takes the audience on a 90-minute emotion packed journey to a land of spectacular fantasy and discovery.

"But in doing so in its Tableau the revue makes use of Indian gods Shiva and Ganesha and thereby humiliates them and makes a mockery of them," Shah added.

The lawyer further said that no person following Hindu religion can tolerate a scene wherein in front of Lord Shiva's idol topless cabaret girls are shown dancing and Lord Ganesha shown dancing cabaret dance along with them.

The producers of the revue "Bonheur" and the owners of the Lido have not cared about the sentiments of the person following Hindu religion in showing Hindu gods in the cabaret, he added.

In the notice, the lawyer said Lord Shiva is considered as the destroyer of all evils. Lord Ganesh is worshiped by Hindus when they start any new venture. To depict the gods among topless women is an insult to Hindu gods.

"Why the creators of the said revue should enact a scene wherein deliberate mockery of Hindu gods have been made? Why the producers, directors and the owners of the revue have not cared for the religious sentiments of Hindus?," Shah questioned.

The use of such icons in your revue is improper and is degrading the Hindu gods, he said in the notice.

The lawyer said that he would approach the French High Commission in India and the Indian embassy in France, if the organisers failed to reply to his notice of the confirmation of omitting the objectionable scene.


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