Friday, March 03, 2006

Another affront... American sniffer dogs sniff Gandhi's tomb

I think Americans urgently need to take classes in cultural sensitivity and respect! Take a look at the image in this news report in HT... A sniffer dog is doing the rounds of Gandhi's samadhi! I am no Gandhian but he sure represents some of India's core ideals, just like I hate Bush as a person but respect the constitutional post that he holds. Wonder if the government will take this up with the American authorities? And then we wonder why American soldiers pissed on the Koran!


Blogger Chimera said...

Hi Deb... It was a pleasure to see your comment on one of the blogs.. surprising rather.. I am two months old to Lucknow now.. Have been covering political developments here.. Great fun but a pain .. considering the kind of state UP is... Keep writing in..



11:54 pm  

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