Friday, March 24, 2006


Military drops leaflets in Waziristan

From The News, Pakistan

By our correspondents

WANA/MIRAMSHAH: Planes dropped leaflets in both South Waziristan and North Waziristan on Thursday on the occasion of Pakistan Day to urge the tribesmen to beware of foreigners and their local supporters who had allied themselves with the "Yahood Aur Hanood" (Jews and Hindus).

The leaflets, in Urdu and Pashto, carried the title "warning". The Pakistan Army produced and dropped the leaflets. There was a prayer at the end of the leaflets for the tribespeople. The leaflets, dropped in Wana, Makeen, Tiarza and other places in South Waziristan and in Miramshah and Mir Ali tehsils in North Waziristan, argued that the war on terror in Waziristans was not against the people of the tribal areas. The statement said it was a war against foreigners and their local harbourers "who were standing shoulder to shoulder with the Yahood Aur Hanood" and were posing threats to Pakistan’s integrity and causing harm to the tribal society. The leaflets asked the tribespeople to keep out the troublemakers from their areas and defend their land against intruders.

Tribesmen who read the leaflets were wondering over the use of the word "Yahood Aur Hanood" to describe the enemy in the leaflets. Most thought it meant the Jews worldwide and the dominant Hindus of India. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Day celebrations in South Waziristan were marred by rocket attack on a military outpost in Ganj Takray area in Shakai.


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