Friday, May 04, 2007

When Nasrallah talks sense

Not that I am a great fan of Nasrallah or Hezbollah... However, his comment that the Arab states, unlike Israel, refuse to inquire into their failings hits the nail on its head. Look at Egypt: Mubarak has been in power since ages with American support and will remain so till he successfully hoodwinks the US into thinking that he is the best buffer against the rising tide of political Islam in the country (read as Muslim Brotherhood). Lack of openness and democracy in the Arab states will only bring to power radical Islamists, whether the MB in Egypt or Hamas in Palestine. Any wonder why Iran, probably the country with the freest civil society in the region, hasn't seen the democratisation of terror unlike other nations in the vicinity (Saudi Arabia to top that list).

Also, this reminds me of a (politically incorrect) joke:

Q.) How many Arabs does it take to change a defunct bulb?
A.) None. They would rather sit in the darkness and blame the Jews and Israel for it!


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