Monday, August 20, 2007

Why is The Telegraph being so petulant?

Not that I sympathise with the Left in India... I still feel The Telegraph (avowedly anti-left) only discredits itself in the ongoing debate about the merits and demerits of the nuclear deal when it publishes infographics like these. This illustration appeared in the paper's front page today. Neither does it have the aesthetic merit nor the incisive wit that is normally associated with an illustration/a cartoon appearing in one of the country's leading dailies. Frankly, it even fails to make the cut for a good college journal. I might use American goods - sure, I do - but that doesn't make me an admirer of its foreign policy.

The debate about is the deal is no longer about the deal. It's entered a realm of shrill senseless rhetoric. Some facts that the government needs to put out loud and clear (as simple as 123):

1) that India will test a nuclear weapon, if the need be
2) that India will pursue an independent foreign policy (and actually show how)
3) ask the US to keep its political advice to itself

PS: I, nonetheless, admire The Telegraph's stand on not accepting Kolkata as the new name. It still refers to the city by its old name - Calcutta.


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