Monday, November 12, 2007

An Islamic car?

Malaysian car maker Proton has unveiled plans to manufacture an Islamic car with plans to tie up with manufacturers in Iran and Turkey for its production. The special features will include a compass that always points to Mecca and a special compartment for a copy of the Koran and a headscarf. My first reaction to this was - How communal can we get? Do we really need an "Islamic" car? And that too one that doesn't offer much that is Islamic other than a compass and extra storage space. Anybody may add these two to any ordinary car to make it halal.

I wish Proton had put more brains into this project to come up with a car that could have beaten others by, let's say, reducing carbon emission or enhanced fuel efficiency. That would have made Muslims and even non-Muslims or Muslim automobile technology. Oh, by the way, has Proton thought of an Islamic car that switches itself off five times a day so that its drivers may be forced to pray? Wonder how many takers are there for such an "Islamic" technology?


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