Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mr Karat, what about this interference?

I am not a great fan of US foreign policy but there's one question I am dying to ask the CPI(M): Why not cry hoarse when China rams into, and not just interferes with, our domestic polity? The Indian Express frontpaged today the news of how our Vice President Hamid Ansari (second in the hierarchy, no less) called off his scheduled meeting with Dalai Lama. The meeting, which was called off after "Chinese queries", had been planned two months in advance. And what would this be if not blatant interference? Deference for Mao? The Leftists have been fuming ad nauseam how India's independence is curtailed by the Hyde Act but they won't raise a finger when China decides the agenda of our Vice President. Oh, I know why the left political parties don't. Because the paper they read (The Hindu) does not report on anti-China activities. I am sick of Janus-faced politicking!


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