Monday, September 08, 2008

Here's why I despise Mahatma Gandhi...

For all the non-violence and compassion he embodied, it's disgustingly shocking to find that Mahatma Gandhi actually had called for "legislation making every stray dog liable to be shot". Yes, that's right! This information comes from a review of Bibek Debroy's book "Sarama and her children: The dog in the Indian myth" in India Today

That the man, revered unfailingly as our father of the nation and so central to the country's identity, has been uncovered as someone so cruel is disconcerting. Which brings me to this question: Are there many other failings of Mohandas Gandhi that have been deliberately brushed under the carpet? It's akin to discovering that Mother Teresa had for all homosexuals to be burnt at the stake! (This bit is made up.)

And what would Munna Bhai make of this? All I can say, to hell with Gandhigiri.


Blogger Gidge said...

Yes, for all his righteousness Gandhi was far from perfect.

Besides being racist, betraying the Untouchables, and being closely in agreement with the Nazis, one particular thing always sticks in my mind. It’s the fact that he refused to let his dying wife take Penicillin saying that “If God wills it, He will pull her through.” Yet, six weeks after her death he took quinine to save himself.

Quite the big heart he had. Trusting God’s will and testing faith only applied when someone else’s life was at stake.

12:07 PM  
Blogger poivresrouges said...

In fact, Mother Teresa was known for weird practices too, like refusing pain treatment to her patient, in relation with her religious views. She would also evince doctor trying to help with pain killer....hmmm....hmmm....

(By the way, hi debarshi, this is Anne. I may come to India in January, would love to meet you if we can.)

2:35 AM  

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