Saturday, April 01, 2006

What worries me about India...

"FARM SUICIDES in Vidharbha crossed 400 this week. The Sensex crossed the 11,000 mark. And Lakme Fashion Week issued over 500 media passes to journalists. All three are firsts..." P Sainath on Where India shining meets great depression.

Reading newspapers - well, at least the English ones, I get the feeling that the media have engendered an unparalleled disconnect in India. It is as if we, the Indian middle class, have cushioned ourselves and are living in a bubble, a situation that is sustained by the media. On one hand you have the success story of India - Fortune 500 firms making a beeline to invest in India... blah, blah - and on the other you have the abject poverty that is beginning to threaten India. Sainath's opening line says it all.


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