Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Terrible, Horrible, Unacceptable"

This image has not been taken in the wild. It's from a "zoo of horror" in China, where live animals, like this buffalo, are released into enclosures that house big cats. Worse, all this to please wacko Chinese visitors who apparently want to enjoy the "safari" from their cars. A Le Monde report summed it up best: "La Chine n'a jamais été célèbre pour le respect des droits humains, et encore moins ceux des animaux", explique Christophe Marie, de la fondation Brigitte Bardot. ("China was never celebrated for its respect for human rights, even less so for those of animals," explains Christophe Marie of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.) And if you have the heart to watch the action, here it is. There more of insensitivity and insanity in the video.


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