Friday, May 18, 2007

What about some tips from the French elections?

As France remained transfixed for weeks on the presidential elections, I couldn't help but admire that the French voters cared two hoots, and rightly so, about the private lives of their candidates. Segolene Royal, who made it to the second round, has been the private-life partner of Francois Holland, the first secretary of the French Socialist Party, since the 1970s. The couple have four children and are bound by PACS (civil pact of solidarity), which permits a civil union between two adults, regardless of their gender. All she was criticised for were her planned policies not her private life. Would India allow such a candidate to stand for elections? And how would we treat him or her? Even Sarkozy, who is divorced and has since remarried, would not pass muster.

(Sarkozy, the French president, jogging to the presidential residence)

And now we learn that, Francois Fillon, the newly nominated PM, and Sarkozy went for a jog together right after the former was sworn into office. Some say this is a symbolic gesture that the two are serious about getting the nation back on the move! Now, can you imagine Manmohan Singh and APJ Abdul Kalam doing the same? Out with gerontocracy!


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