Thursday, May 08, 2008

Can a champion swimmer have a paunch?

Image from Mercury
I can't get over the brouhaha over Grant Hackett's muffin top. After pictures of him from Seville emerged, showing him with a well-endowed belly and excess flab spilling over his trunks, there's been a debate whether he can be a swimmer worthy enough to represent Australia. So much so that he had to strip himself down to his Speedos at a press conference back home and show off his abs. He even had to explain why that belly happened to be there: apparently, he had eaten 1200 gms and loads of liquid before that shot. And at the conference he got asked by journalists: "Grant, are you holding your stomach back?" Wonder why the guy isn’t put to a simple test in the pool rather than such a gimmick? If he makes it, the paunch may as trigger research to see if it helps slash lap timings!

Just a thought for our Indian sportsmen: if we were to put our cricketers to the flab test, I wonder if we'll be left with enough to form a team! More so, if the MC4R gene in Indians has now been proved to cause a 2cm expansion in waist circumference!


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