Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet Mr Shivraj Clueless Patil

Image from Daylife.com

I am tired of seeing a rather nattily dressed home minister tour blast sites. Saturday was no different, as Shivraj Patil turned out in his best sherwani obviously after the NSG commandos had sanitised the sites. It was as if he had turned out for a geriatric fashion parade and not for a damage control operation.

But what really got my goat was his declaration that he had prior information that blasts were planned in Delhi. And, in his own words, he had this information even before Narendra Modi let the centre know about it. Patil's defence is that the intelligence was not "actionable". That he had no clue about the timing, the place or the method of the blasts planned. I gawked as I heard him say this on national television.

In other words, our internal intelligence and security chief and service need to be told when, where and how are blasts planned to prevent them. The next time the Indian Mujahideen may as well leave a bomb outside Patil's residence with simple how-to-defuse instructions for him to follow. He may finally take credit for having averted a major blast!

I am tired of feeling helpless as each time the IM thumbs its nose at us and the state.

Watch the video here.


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