Monday, May 22, 2006

Propaganda art in the Islamic Republic - I

Across Tehran one comes across official propaganda murals, especially around the area that once housed the American embassy. This one is from the outer wall of the embassy compund. In the background is a pretty Iranian floral motif. And in the foreground... an American satellite dish with a hand emerging from it, holding a matchstick alight. So fellow countrymen, beware of the malicious American propganda that seeks to set ablaze our society.

It is a complex love-hate relationship that Iran shares with the US. America is almost an obsession in Iran. Many Iranians love the lifestyle and freedom the US offers but most hate the government in place there.


Blogger Martha J. said...

Let's hope that the love-hate relationship changes so I'll be able to come visit you some time!

12:31 am  

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