Monday, January 19, 2009

What if an Air India flight landed on the Yamuna?

Isn't it miraculous that all 155 passengers and crew aboard the US Airways flight survived a landing on teh Hudson river in New York? Or, perhaps it isn't a miracle. Prompt emergency assistance, within minutes infact, ensured all were evacuated from the sinking jet. With a prayer for the passengers and a pat for the Chesley Sullenberger III, there are a few questions that ought to be raised:

1) What if an Air India flight landed on the Yamuna in Delhi? Or would there be just an empty dry bed? Or would it land on the Commonwealth Games Village?
2) Would the pilot be skilled enough to land safely on the river?
3) Would the crew (trained in hordes by the numerous air hostess/steward academies) be professional enough to rise to the occasion?
4) Would our emergency services reach the sinking jet and passenegrs on time?
5) How many would drown?
6) How many would die because of poisoning by the polluted waters of Yamuna? How many would survive with adverse skin reactions?


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